After the trauma of being back at work after the holidays, I’m having a relaxing weekend at home eating, cleaning, blogging, crafting and reading (I still have 329 posts to read in my Google reader!).

At the moment I’m working on finishing my JYC album (I always end up doing these things for a long time after they’ve finished…), planning out my Morocco travel journal/album and starting to think about a year-long journal with monthly entries. I can’t decide whether to do something on my own or to join a class like Document:2010 – can anyone recommend a good one that they’ve done before?

Found the time to bake some Hokey Pokey biscuits this morning…

Hokey Pokey biscuits

…but I haven’t eaten any yet because I’m still full from this delicious feast my fiance cooked us for brunch…

Corn Fritters with sour cream and salad

That’s been my Sunday so far and exactly what I needed. What has everyone else been up to?

It’s just started snowing lightly again here. I don’t know what it is but it always feels so magical when it snows. Is it because it’s still such a novelty for me or do other people who’ve grown up with snowy winters their whole lives feel like this too?

Have a great week,

N x