I’m so glad it’s Friday! And even better its a long weekend here in the UK and the last public holiday before Christmas, which is another reminder that Autumn and Winter are on their way (actually I think Autumn may already be here).

Although the mornings are getting darker, I’m not too bothered. I love Autumn and up until Christmas Winter is such a lovely season (from January though it’s just plain depressing).

Last Autumn

I have a relaxing “me” weekend planned – I’m going to do lots of scrapbooking, get lots of other things done that I’ve been wanting to do in ages and listen to all my favourite music along the way . I think it’s going to be fun :)

Here’s what I’m doing:

– Finish the last few pages of LSNED 2009

– Start planning out my LSNED 2010 album (hopefully my box of goodies arrives by Saturday!)

– Attend a dance class (this will be my first in about 5 years, so excited!)

– Do some baking

– Go to the library – I desperately need some new books to read, any suggestions?

– Go running again if the weather stays dry

– and I have a few blog posts planned, including an end-of-the-month update on my 4 Goals

What are your plans for the weekend?

N x