As the 2010 class is about to start, I spent the long weekend putting some finishing touches on my 2009 album that has been hiding away. I can’t believe it was a year since the last class and I’m completely embarrassed that it’s taking me this long to finish last year’s book!

My 2009 album was quite introspective and a lot of the lessons I recorded were little life lessons or things about myself that are important to remember. I didn’t intend for it to turn out that way but I love it because it’s the first real ‘Me’ album I’ve done.

As well as LSNED 2010, I’m doing Elise’s Big Mini Workshop which started today and i’m super-excited about that class too!

Aside from a lot of scrapbooking, I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend at home by myself (my Mr was away) watching lots of chick flicks, drinking wine, listening to all my favourite music and sleeping in. Bliss!

Have a great week!

N x