Name: Cortina Papier

Location: Reestraat 22, 1016 DN Amsterdam,

What’s so great about this one? This is one of my favourite paper shop finds on my travels so far and I distinctly remember what happened right before I spotted it. We were wandering around the 9 shopping district in Amsterdam (which I definitely recommend for shopping in general too, amazing shops!) and I was feeling rather sheepish after very nearly being hit by a cyclist – if you haven’t been to Amsterdam before, cyclists get complete right of way over pedestrians and cars, so you always need to look before crossing the road. Having been to the city three times before I already knew this and I completely understand the logic behind the rule, but I was just off in a dream world and stepped right out in front of a cyclist who yelled at me to get out of the way. Anyway, I was pretty embarrassed (I hate looking like a tourist!) and wanted to hide out somewhere, which is the exact time I stumbled across this little shop – perfect!

This is one of those shops were you go in and want to buy everything – it has a huge range of notebooks (be still my notebook-loving heart!) with so many shapes, sizes, colours, paper types – not just the usual stand of Moleskines. They sold quite a few really sweet writing sets – some with handmade paper, some with a Parisian theme, basically the kind that make you want to start writing actual letters again.

The other big highlight was all the large sheets of patterned paper they had. As a scrapbooker, I know how easy it is to only use the 12×12 papers that are sold specifically for the industry (don’t get me wrong, I love these too) but there are some amazing papers out there not made specifically for scrapbookers. This store had such an awesome range – a whole section of delicate floral papers, lots of abstract patterned papers in modern colours, travel-themed papers with prints of maps, postcards, etc & heaps more.

Next time I go back to Amsterdam, I’ll definitely be going back here to stock up :)

What I bought:

These cute stickers that look like stamps

You might recognise this notebook from a few Fridays ago, there were a few different phrases available but I liked this one :)

I also picked up 4 large sheets of paper, some closer photos of each one are below…

Postcard writing paper

Sweet floral print paper – there were a lot of papers in this style in many different colour/floral variations.

This awesome print is my favourite of the lot! I’ve already used it in a scrapbooking project, which you can see more of here.

And lastly, this sheet of giant letters and numbers. Not sure what I’ll do with it yet but I loved the font and colours



Last weekend I met one of my old uni friends for lunch (one great thing about so many Kiwi’s living in London!) and we checked out a great little shop that sells all sorts of lovely paper things, so that will be the next find I write about. I even picked up a little something to giveaway on the blog – I can’t be the one having all the fun!

N x