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I met this adorable little guy in Brighton while we were there for the food festival. I can’t help but post these photos of him waking up after a nap as well…

Can’t handle the cuteness!

N x


This Friday I’m wishing my Mum & Dad a wonderful 33rd wedding anniversary! Thank you for being such incredible role models – not just as parents but in your marriage too. If Matt & I are even half as happy as you two are in 33 years time, we’ll be very happy indeed xxx

Cherry blossom tree in London, Spring must be on the way!

Thought I would take a break from my usual Friday Photo format and post a bunch of my favourite photos from my trip to New Zealand now that I’m back in London in a post-holiday funk, dreaming of warm days back at home.

These photos pretty much sum-up everything I love about being at home :)

fishing trips at dawn

Lavender at sunrise

morning yoga on the beach in our pyjamas

Pohutukawa in bloom + blue skies

bush walks

tyre swings

grilled mussels, so yummy…

…and my favourite fish + chips in the entire world!




Apologies for being a little quiet on the blog while I’ve been away! There’s lots to share so I’ll resume normal, non-photo-only posts once I finish unpacking :p

N x


Kiwi Coffee :)

My friend Julia at our party in New Zealand. I love all the reminders of summer in this photo :)

After the tragedy in New Zealand this week, I wanted to post a photo with a Kiwi-theme. This is a little doll my younger sister gave me once upon a time and it sits on my windowsill and reminds me of home.

It’s been a tough week –¬† I’ve been struggling to stay focused at work (even though I have a massive list of things to do before I go away) and I’m trying hard to ignore the constant twitter/facebook updates that are suddenly meaningless. Horrible events are happening all over the world all the time and when those things aren’t happening in your country it’s easier for them to slip to the back of your mind. When it is your home country that’s experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in it’s history it really puts things into perspective.

Aroha nui to everyone at home, my thoughts & prayers are with you constantly.

N x

My fiance playing his guitar in the evening after work.

One of my favourite photos from a day spent at a studio lighting workshop this week.

A charming little notebook I found in a paper store in Amsterdam, makes me smile every time I use it.



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