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I’ve been wanting to do a quick update post for a while, but i’ve already been experiencing pre-Christmas crazy-busy-ness (you know what I mean!) since the beginning of November.

I’ve been away 3 of the last 4 weekends which has been absolutely fantastic but it also means i’m behind on a million things – one of those being preparing my JYC/December album. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I am a frustratingly indecisive person most of the time, and I spent most of Saturday fiddling around with different albums and paper sizes to try and figure out my plan. As you can probably guess, nothing really clicked for me!So back to the drawing board with 2 days to go.

Can you guess where I am in this photo?

I have my next seasonal post coming up this week, I started with Summer 2010 and since we’re a few days away from Winter beginning I shall be summing up my Autumn 2010 season – it’s absolutely flown by! I’ll have some photos from the trips mentioned above so stop by again soon to see what I’ve been up to :)

One last thing before I head off, my very good friend Leah is a finalist in a blogging competition and if you have a minute I’d love for you to stop by her post and either click the Facebook ‘Like’ button or leave a comment to vote for her – the post is about her top ten tips for a girls night in, so it’s worth a read anyway! It’s pretty close at the moment so any extra votes will help so much!! Thank you!

Wishing you a wonderful week – I really hope snow arrives in London soon, it’s certainly cold enough!!

N x


So, I’ve spent the last 5 days emailing everyone I know trying to get votes for the photography competition, dreaming about voting every night and checking to see how many votes we have about every hour of the day…to be honest I’ll be relieved when its all over so I don’t have to think about it anymore!

In the meantime, this is one last plea (I promise its the last!) for you to vote for me if you haven’t already and to get your partner/family/friends to vote too – we’re currently in second place and are only 8 votes off from the couple in first place so there’s a good chance we could actually win this!! Voting closes midday Tuesday (tomorrow) UK time so you’ll need to hurry!

If you missed my last post here’s how to vote – it will literally only take 30 seconds as all you have to do is leave a comment saying “I vote for these lovely people” over on this blog post. Winning this wedding photography will be a dream come true and i’ll share the amazing photos with you on the blog after the wedding.

Thanks so much for your votes – it means the world to me!

Now fingers crossed we win this thing and I can get a decent night’s sleep…

N x



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