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I had some very exciting news this week (this kind of thing never happens to me!).

I was going to tell you all the back story to how we got to this point but I think i’ll just cut to the chase…

Matt and I are finalists (1 of 3 couples!) in a fantastic competition to win our wedding photography by an amazing photographer called Annamarie Stepney! And we desperately need your help as we need people to vote for us to win!

So I would be forever grateful to you if you pop over to Annamarie’s blog, read the competition instructions in the first post, and then pop down to the second post where you can read all about our wedding (and engagement story!) and then vote by commenting on the post about us on her blog – it will only take you a minute, I promise! Just remember you can only vote once and  you need to say “I vote for these lovely people” somewhere in your comment.

This is probably a good time to reveal something else I’ve been keeping quiet for a little while until the right time (now seems pretty good!) – Matt and I are planning on having our wedding in Marrakech!

That’s a photo of me in Marrakech last year and you can see a collage of my favourite photos I took here – we loved the city: bustling, colourful and a bit gritty on the outside, but once you step inside the buildings they’re absolutely beautiful, peaceful places.

We love it.

Thank you guys so much for voting!! It would absolutely make my big day if I was able to have such an incredible photographer document it (and imagine the awesome scrapbooking I could do with such great photos!)

Nat x


No scrapbooking for me this week.

Not because I don’t want to, but because my bedroom (and desk) look like this…

And just before you thought I was a very messy girl who lives out of cardboard boxes, I must tell you I am moving house this week so everything is an absolute shambles.

I’m also slightly disturbed (but also smiling) to see how many wedding magazines I’ve accumulated in less than a year of being engaged. Even more impressive is that I have wedding magazines from a range of countries (UK, USA, New Zealand…) and some in languages I can’t even read (Spanish, Dutch…)!

Inspiration, or am I just a victim of the corporate juggernaut that is the wedding industry?



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