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Last year when I found out Fleetwood Mac were touring America I knew I had to make it to one of the shows. Luckily we were able to make it to NYC for a long weekend and we went to their show at Madison Square Garden – it was amazing and a dream come true. So when I found out later in the year that they were extending their tour to Europe I really really wanted to go again.

My fiance and I frequently had the conversation where I told him I had to go again and that maybe I should just put the tickets on my credit card. Sensibly, he kept telling me that I should just appreciate the amazing time we had at the concert in NYC instead of spending money I didn’t have to go again.

Annoyingly, I knew he was right.

Come October the Thursday before my birthday and we were hanging out in our room before bed, when he says “I’m going to give you your birthday present early” and hands me a standard white envelope. I open it and find e-tickets for return flights to Dublin for the weekend – amazing!

And then he handed my a second white envelope – and I was completely at a loss as to what could be in it. I tentatively opened it to find two tickets to Fleetwood Mac in Dublin for the Saturday night! Well you can imagine my excitement then – there was jumping up and down… and screaming.

Turns out as soon as he found out they were touring Europe around the time of my birthday he had planned it. I love that the whole surprise was covered up by him making me see sense about using my credit card and by me learning to appreciate incredible memories instead of trying to recreate them at any cost.

So after all that, here is a layout using some photos taken while touring the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Matt is a big fan of Guinness and it was great to have a pint right at the source, yum!

Journalling is on the other side of the bingo card

I love these fabric letters!

Hope you enjoyed the little story behind my layout.



So, it was my birthday recently and I was lucky enough to receive some very lovely presents.

I was especially pleased as my lovely presents were wrapped in lots of lovely things – think wrapping paper printed with mini cakes, red and white polka dot paper, ribbons and something that looked liked a miniature hot pink feather boa. Very interesting.

So I got thinking, and set myself a challenge to scrap some pictures from my birthday but using the wrapping papers and other lovely bits and pieces that had come attached to presents.

The result? It came out very differently to most of the pages that I make and I struggled a bit with the whole red and pink thing. I’ve seen it done very successfully before on other people’s layouts, so I knew it wasn’t impossible, which is why I used two papers from the Basic Grey Junebug collection to try and tie it together.

birthday layout

birthday layout close-up

This ribbon was wrapped around some flowers and it's stuck to a cardstock pull-out tag which has a birthday message from my sister attached.

birthday layout close-up 2

To highlight my greediness at having two cakes that day (!), I punched out a picture of a cake that was printed on one of the wrapping papers and glued the feather boa thingy underneath.

All in all it was really satisfying to step out of my comfort zone, and setting an interesting task certainly makes it easier to do this. I’m sure scrapping with birthday bits & pieces is nothing new – has anyone else tried anything similar? And did you have any particularly interesting materials you re-purposed?

N x


Chateaubriand + family & friends + two chocolate cakes in one day = the perfect birthday.



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