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With all the excitement of the competition now over, i’m disappointed to say we came second. Booo! We were pretty close though, and to be honest I really didn’t have anyone left to ask! So I think we did our best.

I wanted to take a moment to thank a few lovely people out there, many who I’d never even met (in person or online) before this whole competition craziness started. I’d been feeling a little iffy about Twitter since I signed up, there are some really unfriendly people out there and I was wondering whether it was really for me or not.

But I’m happy to say my faith in humanity (well at least people on the internet) has been restored as there were so many lovely people retweeting and asking their friends to vote for me which I think is amazing.

So if you’re looking for someone lovely to follow on Twitter or if you’re looking for some blogs to read written by nice people, here are my suggestions, along with a huge thank you for all their support and help…

First and foremost, I have to suggest you head over to Leah’s blog and say hello! I can give you a personal guarantee that she is a lovely person to follow, either by blog or by Twitter as I’ve known this girl my entire life and she’s an amazing friend. She went to extraordinary lengths to help us out and I hope I can repay the favour one day! (geez, I’m tearing up a bit here!)

The fabulous Gemma Cartwright at Big Girls Browse

Sarah at A Work in Progress

Lou at Lou’s Journal

Gemma at Love Cupcake (warning: you’ll want to eat cupcakes after checking out her site)

Amanda at Gondwana Heels (check out her amazing NZ shoe store!)

Nicole at I am a honey bee

Jane, a fellow kiwi!

The Wedding Community – if you’re a UK bride-to-be, definitely check them out, they’re super-friendly

Funghi-photographer extraordinaire, Nick

Kristyn, who you can follow on Twitter

and Greer, another fellow kiwi who can also be found on Twitter

Thanks again everyone!




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