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I saw so many Beatles song-titled things during my trip to Liverpool a few weeks back – I had to buy a ‘Ticket to Ride’ for the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’… well, you get the picture. I tried to restrain from naming this post after a Beatles song-title but turns out I just couldn’t help myself – and considering the fleeting nature of our visit to Liverpool it’s still relevant. Hey, I could have called it ‘Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey’ (it’s off their White album in case you’re wondering…)

So, getting to the point, I took Elise’s Big Mini class last month, and I was hanging out to try some new techniques. My trip to Liverpool was the perfect subject for a new album: themed paper, fun photos and some awesome bits&pieces collected along the way.

I picked up a sheet of wrapping paper in Liverpool with the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night album cover repeated over and over. So I used that a few times throughout the book, and after realising I still had heaps left over, I also used it to cover the front and back of my book too.

One of the techniques I used for the first time (that I picked up from the class) was using transparencies in the album with various bits attached (hmm that’s not very descriptive is it?). Here’s the title lettering I used, and I also attached ribbons and tickets to some other transparencies throughout the book.

I picked out a bunch of yellow, red & green patterned papers to alternate throughout the book – my absolute favourite was a yellow sheet of paper patterned with 60s style chairs in a shiny (almost vinyl) yellow texture. So awesome. (yes, I get excited over cute paper)

If you’re interested in visiting Liverpool, I definitely recommend staying at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel (yep that’s another awesome use of a Beatles song-title). Each room has a huge piece of artwork, and I thought it was hilarious (after a twinge of disappointment) when we walked in and discovered a HUGE portrait of my least favourite Beatle, Ringo, above our bed…

That’s all from me for now…

Hope you all have a great weekend! It’s very rainy in London so I shall be keeping indoors as much as possible :)

N x

More photos of the mini-book here


As the 2010 class is about to start, I spent the long weekend putting some finishing touches on my 2009 album that has been hiding away. I can’t believe it was a year since the last class and I’m completely embarrassed that it’s taking me this long to finish last year’s book!

My 2009 album was quite introspective and a lot of the lessons I recorded were little life lessons or things about myself that are important to remember. I didn’t intend for it to turn out that way but I love it because it’s the first real ‘Me’ album I’ve done.

As well as LSNED 2010, I’m doing Elise’s Big Mini Workshop which started today and i’m super-excited about that class too!

Aside from a lot of scrapbooking, I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend at home by myself (my Mr was away) watching lots of chick flicks, drinking wine, listening to all my favourite music and sleeping in. Bliss!

Have a great week!

N x

I hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far!

I wanted to share with you a mini-album I finished just the other day. The idea for it came about because I usually end up buying at least a couple of postcards most places I visit and don’t end up sending them all (oops). So I had quite a few left over and thought they would make perfect pages for an album with pretty pictures on one side and space for writing on the reverse – ideal!

Each reverse side has a luggage tag made out of a photo from that holiday, a stamped journalling card with some notes and highlights of the trip and some little piece of memorabilia (I have boxes and boxes of this stuff from holidays that I never end up using!)

It was such a fun little project, and looking back over old photos and recalling the little things about each holiday was a nice way to remember it all. And, since the postcards have been bound with rings between chipboard covers I can easily keep adding to the album when I buy postcards on my next trips. Yay!

Early next week I’m going to post about an amazing photo treasure hunt that I took part in today – it was so much fun! If you live in London I would highly recommend it and you don’t have to have a snazzy camera or be an excellent photographer – after seeing the winning shots it was all about creativity in the end.

Until then, have a great weekend! I am off to a wedding show for some inspiration (and free cake hopefully).

N x



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