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I went home (to New Zealand) last month for a holiday and it was my first time back in over 18 months.

To be honest, I haven’t really been that homesick since I moved to London – I skype with my mum, dad and younger sister pretty regularly so have always felt like I was in the loop with what was happening, and being able to see them when we talk makes me feel a lot closer too.

Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely things I missed about home:

1. Our cat Ziggy who now lives with my parents

2. Food! Especially the best fish and chips in the world at the beach in Kaiaua. Funnily enough, I just noticed in this picture that my fish & chips were wrapped in the obituary section – is this a warning about what will happen if I eat too many?

3. And just some good old fashioned fresh air.


I was taken by surprise by what an amazing time I had in New Zealand. Growing up there I think I take a lot for granted and being away really makes me appreciate all those little things that make it such a special place.

These are some of the special things that I love about it (in no particular order!):

1. Going barefoot. I seemed to be barefoot a lot more at home and not just at the beach and around the house. Going to the supermarket barefoot is also acceptable – that might sound gross to some but it’s just an example of how laid back it is there.

2. Being the only one on the beach. Being able to be the only one standing on a beautiful white sandy beach is an incredible experience and it reminds me how there are relatively so few people that live there.

Sunset at Papamoa Beach

3. Fishing with my Dad. And eating fresh snapper within hours of it being caught…absolute perfection.

My gorgeous sister Ellen with her big catch from our fishing trip

4. Ice Cream. These two words need no explanation.

Ellen and I and our Mr. Whippy ice creams

5. Stuff on fences. I’d love to know if this happens elsewhere in the world. New Zealanders seem to have a penchant for putting lots of one type of thing onto a fence. In this example it’s jandals on a local fence in the Coromandel, but there is also the famous bra fence, a toothbrush fence and a gumboot fence. Clearly dental hygiene, breast support and having non-muddy feet are not important to us.

Needless to say I was quite sad to go. I realised skyping can’t replace being able to hug my mum and dad, or hang out with my sister.

In saying all that, I’ve adjusted to being back in London and am looking forward to the little trips we have planned and to exploring new places in Europe and further abroad. One thing NZ definitely doesn’t have going for it is that you certainly can’t get a train to Paris, hop off to Morocco for Christmas, or fly to New York for a long weekend!

As much as I love NZ, I love living in London right now at this time in my life. And when I’m ready to move back home one day I’ll be happy to be going to that little corner of the world – and i’ll appreciate all the little things :)

I’d love to know your favourite things about your home!




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