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How was your weekend? Mine was awesome, except Sunday night I was starting to feel sick and come Monday morning I had the full-blown flu. So here I am at home for the second day in a row feeling sorry for myself.

What I really want to tell you about though is the photo treasure hunt I did on Saturday through ShootExperience which I heard about through a friend. They hold them around London mostly and the treasure hunt is set in a walkable-sized area or suburb – the one we did was around King’s Cross. Then they give you a series of cryptic clues to find certain buildings, landmarks or other interesting places and you have to take a creative photo to represent the theme of the day in that place (our theme was Points of View).


Me being silly & taking snaps in a graveyard where one of the clues led to (Photo: M. Lambourne)

The amazing Hardy Tree at St. Pancras Old Church has a beautiful arrangement of gravestones at its base which have sort of become part of the tree over many years. (Photo: M. Lambourne)

It’s very much about having fun and being creative and not about being a pro photographer or having an incredible camera with lots of equipment – lots of people there were using their point-and-shoot cameras. At the end of the day they do a big slide show of everyone’s photos and a bit of an awards ceremony for the best shots.

One of our entry photos for a clue leading to Camley Street Nature Park - an unexpected gem in the middle of industrial London

Our entry for the creative clue "The Camera Never Lies"

Unfortunately we didn’t win anything but we had so much fun and as you can see we discovered some really interesting places we never would have found otherwise – definitely a great way to learn more about the city we live in.

Then on Sunday I dragged my fiance along to the National Wedding Show – he hasn’t been to one before but I think he quite enjoyed it…and there were cake tastings so it all paid off in the end :)

Wishing you a wonderful week,

N x




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