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My friend Julia at our party in New Zealand. I love all the reminders of summer in this photo :)


This translates to: "in wine there is the truth"

Now that it’s cooling down here in London town, it’s nice to revisit warmer times.

My last significant holiday was a road trip in Spain this summer. Surprisingly, I still have heaps and heaps of photos to scrap from this holiday (so you haven’t seen the end of it yet!) and these set of pics are ones that definitely take me back to the exact time and place they were taken…

This town we stayed in is pretty much in the middle of nowhere in quite a desert-y part of Northern Spain. But, it was half-way back to Barcelona from where we were coming from and the town had several wineries so it seemed that as well as being a convenient place to stop for a night it would have something interesting (and by interesting I mean delicious) to see (and by see I mean taste).

So, one winery tour later (and a free bottle of wine which I thought was very generous!), armed with a recommendation of a good local joint for dinner from our winery guide, we (quite merrily) made our way there. Managed to navigate our way to La Cantina and order several basic, but very tasty Spanish dishes. And they were delicious…

Journalling reads: "A simple Spanish meal at a local restaurant in Carinena: olives, cheese, chorizo, prosciutto, salami and catalan bread. Divine!"

I guess the truth is, there’s something great about experiencing a place by taking a local person up on their advice and going to the unglamorous spot where the menu isn’t translated into English for us. Perfecto.

N x



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