One of the things I loved the most about Morocco was the abundance of colour and pattern everywhere. The beautiful mosiac art decorating the inside of every place we stayed, intricate patterns on ceilings of simple hotel rooms, swirly blue patterns painted on a lonely set of stairs at a small roadside store in the Atlas Mountains and even the signs written in Arabic look like an elegant work of art.

I imagined I would see a lot of bright colours of reds, oranges and bold blues but I was surprised to discover another palette of colours altogether once we left Marrakech. The orange of the desert sand against the bright blue sky and the breathtaking pinks and purples in the Saharan sunset were definite highlights.

Driving across the Atlas Mountains and through more rural towns I saw the most beautiful colours and unexpected colour combinations – the clay that many of the houses are made from is a gorgeous dark dusky pink colour and many of the doors and window grates on the buildings are painted mint green or bright blue with striking white borders. I especially love the mint green/pink colour combination and I was constantly trying to snap the perfect picture from the moving car – which wasn’t easy!

Here’s a photo collage of my favourite pictures that feature colour or pattern that I saw in Morocco that I wanted to share – I think it sums up the beauty of the country and I think it will be great to look back on when I come to scrapping my photos from this trip to remind me of how inspiring it all was when I was there.

Hopefully someone out there finds a little inspiration too.

N x